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The girlsOff to the paddock

Chaklas: soft and gentle

We have a herd of beautiful purebred Jersey dairy cows of which we are very proud. There have been Jerseys at Nyanza since the early 1960's and over the years we have built up a herd with strong genetics who are well adapted to our country and its conditions. The present cows have had many generations of their family grow up here on the farm.

Who are you?Lepens the young ladyQuilicowMother and daughter: Chaklas and SdudlaGood morning

Our founder cows were all Jerseys and when the Canadian dairy project came to Swaziland the genetics of the herd was enhanced with semen from overseas. Over the succeeding years our bloodlines were added to with cattle from the famous South African Croc Valley herd. Since then we have used artificial insemination, choosing some of the best bloodlines available both locally and internationally.

The cows are all tame and have names... they come in on call for milking and enjoy human contact. No animals are sold for slaughter; excess calves are in high demand locally for breeding as the Jersey is an ideal cow for the local conditions. Even the bull calves are popular crossed with the traditional Swazi cow; the offspring are hardy and good milkers. Old cows either stay on the farm or are retired in similar conditions to how they live here.

When our cows are due to calve or are not well, they come up to sleep in stables so as to be able to observe them carefully and assist when necessary.

All our calves are raised carefully and are given all the extra care they need to grow up well and become good producers.

Our butterfat is high and so our milk is rich and creamy. Our home made full cream emasi is legendary throughout the country, with customers coming from far and wide for the taste of it.

Our cows are gorgeous and they know it!

AdmirationMirror mirror...Hello beautiful

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